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Incorporating Peptides into your home care routine can be as easy as choosing an antioxidant serum or moisturizer that includes a Peptide Complex. That means you can use only one product for multiple benefits. Glymeds' Intense Peptide Skin Recovery Complex will help to slow the release of the fluid in our deeper skin layers that activates the synapse that allows facial muscle movement. Think of this Peptide as a gentle and natural alternative to Botox.

You'll see an instant relaxation in areas of concern, and new collagen can be rebuilt with Peptides to reduce the appearance of lines in other areas like the elevens between the brows, fine lines on the forehead, and even crows feet will soften.

Peptides help to plump skin and firm skin tone by activating collagen renewal, helping to replace the collagen that has broken down with time and lead to your skin concern of anti-aging.

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