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Vitamin C

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I categorize Vitamin C as one of the most important skincare ingredients- almost everyone should use one. It's powerful for protecting the skin from free radical damage such as the gas and particle pollutants that accumulate on our skin everyday and for protection against UV damage. It brightens the skin where UV damage has already occurred and reverses fine lines because it activates collagen production.

Sun damage can also display in the skin as redness or broken capillaries. This concern can also be hereditary and very difficult to treat. Using a Vitamin C serum helps to strengthen connective tissue, both collagen and capillary walls. The stimulation Vitamin C creates will help to contract and dilate the tiny superficial capillaries that are visible at the surface of the skin, flushing out stagnant blood and strengthening them against future breakage. Its secondary action will be to rebuild the collagen in the skin creating opacity for a more even skin tone and better protection against stressors which cause skin to flush (like wind, heat, and spicy foods).

My recommended serum is Glymeds' Vitamin C Serum. After Cleansing, apply 2-5 drops to any GlyMed Plus serum and apply to the face, neck and decollete. Can be used morning and night.

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